“To Date” Poem by Zoa H.Cowden, 1940

From the collection of Buyral and Ellen Madan


When it’s candle lighting time in Crow Valley
Everything is up in whirl.
But most of the time we are ready
To call our OPAL a pearl.
Every Saturday night after sundown
When the ladies are fixing their hair
Getting ready to go to the Grange hall
To attend the good time dance there;
The REA power light system,
Is gleaming all over the house—
Then all of sudden there’s darkness;
Did you ever see such a fuss?
We hurry to light our candles,
Which we’ve learned to have near at hand.
But, oh! For the bumps and bruises
As we stumble over table and stand.
And father comes in from the stable
Very weary from milking, you see,
The Sarge milker just will not surge
When we have no electricity.
We sit and relax by our candles,
And talk of the good olden time,
When the candle and lamp were in custom,
And Crow Valley was lighted sublime.
Then flash! And our lights are back with us;
In kitchen and bedroom and hall.
We quickly forget all our troubles
As we hurry and leave for the ball.
There are circles and waltzes and square dance,
With laughter and music and fun;
When the Patrons of Husbandry are our hosts,
And our OPAL lights shine as the sun.