“The Big Blow”

“The Big Blow,” a severe wind storm, caused a major power outage.

“…The Thursday night storm proved only a teaser, for Friday night, October 12th, beginning at about 9:00 p.m., a storm arose and winds increased to hurricane velocities.  True speed of the winds is not known, but at the Friday Harbor Airport, a wind gauge measuring to 90 miles an hour was hitting the top limiting pin during the most severe gusts.  Old timers seem to agree that this was the strongest wind they can recall in the area.  Damage from the storm was much in evidence Saturday morning.  Trees had fallen into houses.  Several chimneys had blown over.  Windows had blown in.  Roofs had been lifted from barns and cabins, and on Waldron Island we noted that the roof had been lifted from a new summer home and that one wall had completely caved in…”

– OPALCO Beacon, October 1962