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2004 Cable Install Photo Story

A .pdf album of the 2004 Orcas Landing Fiber Cable Install in cooperation with Caldwell Marine.

38th Annual Meeting on Board “Kaleetan”

Photos courtesy of the Orcas Island Historical Museum, The Islands Sounder, and photographer Gordon Keith.

1972 Winter Storm Topples Thousands of Trees

Thank you to the Orcas Island Historical Society, The Island Sounder and photographer Gordon Keith for these images of 1972’s big winter storm on Orcas. “…Trees lay like … Read More

1970s Crew

San Juan Island’s Nourdine Jensen Joins Board

Nourdine Jensen was appointed to the Board to replace John G. Jones.

Tidal Vibrations Take Out Sub-Marine Cable

OPALCO members experienced an extended outage due to a submarine cable break caused by the vibration of the cable (Aeolian action) induced by marine tidal current action. “…Walter … Read More

“The Big Blow”

“The Big Blow,” a severe wind storm, caused a major power outage. “…The Thursday night storm proved only a teaser, for Friday night, October 12th, beginning at about … Read More

25th Anniversary: Best Annual Meeting Tchotchke Ever?

The 25th Annual Meeting was held aboard the Evergreen State at Lopez.  Otis Perkins, President of the Board, chaired.  The remaining surviving members of the original Board—John Harrison, … Read More

Four New Cables Laid Between Lopez and San Juan Island – ADD PIX

July 1961:  OPALCO  laid four new cables between Lopez and San Juan.

Board Adopts Geographic Districts and Authorizes “Capital Credits”

The Annual Meeting was held at the IOOF Hall in Eastsound. The by-laws were amended to elect directors by four geographic districts. The Articles of Incorporation were amended … Read More