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First Fiber Optic Cable Laid from Anacortes to Islands

The Board approved a new communication system for OPALCO using fiber optics.  BPA laid a new cable between Anacortes and Lopez Island and signed a 30-year agreement with … Read More

Tidal Vibrations Take Out Sub-Marine Cable

OPALCO members experienced an extended outage due to a submarine cable break caused by the vibration of the cable (Aeolian action) induced by marine tidal current action. “…Walter … Read More

Four New Cables Laid Between Lopez and San Juan Island – ADD PIX

July 1961:  OPALCO  laid four new cables between Lopez and San Juan.

Lopez-San Juan Cable Breaks Again

The submarine cable between Lopez and San Juan failed again. Diesel generators in Friday Harbor supplied power until the early morning of July 17, when the repaired cable … Read More

Tidal Current Destroys Lopez-San Juan Cable

The four-year-old Lopez-to–San Juan Okonite submarine cable failed due to the tremendous tidal current. Repairs were not finished until May 9 and cost $32,294.27. In addition, the excess … Read More

Submarine Cable Goes Live

July 18, 1951, 12:51 p.m.: After 14 years of effort to get low-cost Columbia River power from the mainland to the islands, BPA energized its newly installed cable … Read More

World’s Longest Cable Laid From Anacortes to Decatur Island

“Bonneville Power Administration engineers yesterday completed laying the world’s longest submarine power cable, a line 7 ½ miles long linking Greens Point near Anacortes and the San Juan … Read More

“Queen’s Court” Christens Sub-Marine Cable

Anacortes’ “Queen’s Court” christened the cable to cross Rosario Strait and connect the San Juan Islands with power from BPA.